EGYPTIAN NUMEROLOGY; “Emergence into the 5th Dimension”

“The Two Most Important Days in Your Life are the Day you are Born and the Day you find out Why”

Mark Twain

     What is the 5th Dimension?


     According to ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living here are in the process of shifting into a whole new level of reality in which the consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the fifth dimension. This shift will probably be complete within the next couple of decades. Individuals will be each moving into the fifth dimension at their own rate when their frequency is elevated enough to resonate to the vibration of the higher dimension. Most teachings state that the passage the earth and humanity are taking into the fifth dimension has been planned for eons and that it is already happening using December 21, 2012 as the midpoint for the shift taking place and that it will continue to unfold and pick up speed as times goes on.

Dimensions are not places or locations but rather levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. There are numerous dimensions, the fourth and fifth are simply higher than the one we’ve been living in. Ascension into even higher dimensions will continue even after we’ve reached the tip of the fifth dimension. Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. On the higher dimensions, there exists a clear, wider perspective of reality and a greater level of awareness. We are able to experience more freedom, greater power, and more opportunity to create reality. In order for a higher dimension to be available to us, we need to vibrate in residence with it. Shifting from one level of consciousness to the next higher one means becoming established on it, so we don’t get pulled back down to the previous one.

The fifth dimension relates to the status of heaven and is referred to as the plane of light and love. It is also called the Miraculous world. In this plane, fear, pain and suffering do not exist because we do not suffer from any form of separation. We continuously experience the Oneness of Mother/Father Creator. If we were to incarnate from this dimension, we would be luminous light beings and travel by application of Divine Will. You know you are in the fifth dimension when you are:

  • Perceive everything as permitted, even if it’s sometimes unpleasant because you know that Spirit is directing your course
  •  Experiencing the magnificent reality of living in faith that you are in the hands of Spirit
  • You will realize that in many areas of your life and especially your life purpose, the walls of time and space are not a limitation
  • You live with the understanding that by remaining open and empty simultaneously, the Universe can manifest miracles through you
  • Miracles are Predominant
  • Allow visions of heaven on earth
  • Your insights begin to manifest naturally
  • You live in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is

The fifth dimension has been described as the dimension of love and living totally from the heart. In order to enter into the fifth dimension and stay there, all mental emotional baggage must be left at the door because there is no fear, anger, hostility, guilt, suffering or sense of separation that exits here. Mastery over thought is a prerequisite and manifestation in the plane is instantaneous so when you thing about something, it materializes. People generally communicate through telepathy and have the ability to read each other’s thoughts and feelings with ease. The experience of time is radically different here and some describe it as everything happening simultaneously where there is no distinction between past, present or future. Many of us are having experiences or dreams that feel like visits to the fifth dimension and these can be exhilarating, tremendously exciting and hopeful. They keep us motivated to follow through with difficulties that sometimes arise as we travel through the fourth dimension and into the fifth.   (next post will be on the 3rd dimension)

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3 thoughts on “EGYPTIAN NUMEROLOGY; “Emergence into the 5th Dimension”

  1. Sounds highly likely

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  2. Be careful with the dimensions, because there are only two;
    third and fifth.
    The fourth covers a time zone for passing from one to another.

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    1. I agree that the fourth dimension is a vehicle of transportation but I also believe that a person can exist in this dimension for how ever long is necessary to reach the fifth. The climb between the 3rd and the 5th is too vast without the 4th dimension. In my book, “Path of the Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking”…. soon to be released, I describe all three dimensions and their functions. Thank you, Sara

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