Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into the Fifth Dimension: Third Dimension

     The Third dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. Because we’ve been living in the third dimensional reality for so many lifetimes, we tend to assume that this is the only reality available to us. We think this is simply how reality is and we don’t realize that it’s a very narrow experience in general. The third dimensional operating system runs on rigid beliefs with a fairly inflexible set of rules and confined limitations. For example, in the third dimension, we learn to accept that bodies are solid; they can’t merge with each other or walk through walls. Everything is subject to gravity, physical objects cannot disappear and we cannot read another person’s mind. There is a solid belief in duality where judgment and fear are pervasive.  

     Most people live somewhere between the third and fourth dimensions and just get a glimpse of the fifth dimension during their lifetime. The third dimension is the plane of physical reality and conscious being. It is called the material world. Here is where energy congeals into a dark, dense pool of matter. This is the plane of thought or mind and the densest stratum of this plane contains our own more worldly and material thoughts. Because of our planetary coding or consciousness, we are able to identify with matter and therefore become dense ourselves. The universe allows the illusion of free-will on the third and fourth dimensions which give us the experience of acting like saints, demons or somewhere in between and always by choice. Beings believing that the third is the only dimension, suffer from the illusion of separation from their spirit. The physical senses cannot detect spirit which is beyond physical form but if we are not one with spirit, then we cannot be at one with others. Our ability to experience beauty while in such density shows that we do live in a loving universe and that is why if we can contact the higher strata of the mind-world by training the corresponding parts of our brain, as all seekers have attempted to do, we shall gain inconceivable knowledge. Some experiences belonging to the third dimension are:

  • being caught up in a stream of thought

  • planning sexual strategies

  • being sarcastic

  • being obnoxious

  • being critical

  • physically or verbally attacking someone,

  • proving you’re right or someone else is wrong,

  • Defending or claiming your space

 The way that we perceive and define ourselves implies which world we are living in. A few identities that take a stand for the validity of the material world are: “I am a…

  • hard worker

  • smart person

  • honest person

  • business person

  • responsible person

  • funny person

  • Student/teacher, parent, spouse or child.

(The Next Post will be about the Fourth Dimension)

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