Egyptian Numerology; Fourth Dimension

    The fourth dimension is the bridge most of us are on now and will be for a relatively short period of time. In traveling through the fourth dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the elevator ride up to the fifth. Many of us have had experiences of the fourth dimension for a number of years without realizing it. We are experiencing the fourth dimension when we have moments of spiritual awakening and feelings of opening the heart. It can arise when we are simply feeling clear and quiet inside and everything within and around us feels lighter and less rigid. There is often a sense of spaciousness and tranquility that overcomes our entire being. Time is no longer linear in the fourth dimension and our beings takes comfort in the present moment without interest or even awareness of past and future events. We discover that time is malleable and it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third dimensional surprise. We manifest our desires much faster and notice that something we simply think about can show up very quickly. In general, when we are experiencing joy, love and gratitude, we are allowing fourth dimensional consciousness to surface.

     The fourth dimension is the plane of truth and the astral plane. It is called the magical world. This dimension is a gray, polarized plane that houses both forces of light and darkness. The battle between good and evil starts here. This is the plane where our will resides and it is of this dimension that the individual self (ego) is a part. It is the ego who uses the physical, astral and mind bodies as tools with which to achieve its purpose. When mind, body and spirit are completely aligned with divine will and in harmony and balance, one with the other, you are omnipotent and have achieved the conquest over matter. After careful training, it is possible to leave the physical body safely in the nourishing care of its etheric web to go on a dimensional journey. This is called astral travel. Experiences belonging to the fourth dimension are:

  • Magic
  • time travels
  • karma
  • reincarnation
  • luck
  • psychic surgery
  • out of body flight
  • mind reading
  • disembodied spirits
  • enchantment
  • astral travel

These are all sources of this plane. You are living in the magical world when you find yourself engaged in any of the following activities;

  • being superstitious
  • having sexual fantasies
  • psychically attacking or defending someone
  • fighting for a good or bad cause
  • Psychically manipulating another
  • working out karma
  • preaching
  • using white or black magic

       We are currently in what’s called a transitional era or the end of times. These are the times in which we experience the death of third dimensional reality and begin to travel through the new and unknown landscapes of the fourth dimension. In essence, one whole structure of existence is collapsing while the new one is emerging. It’s to be expected that some chaos, confusion and disorientation will reign both within and around us as we attempt to adapt to a whole new way of experiencing reality. Many of us are beginning to experience radical changes in our lives, as we enter into these stages. Whatever does not serve us as we are shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away. This includes old relationships, lifetime career’s, approaches to life we’ve traditionally taken for granted, any outdated sense of identity, limited beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions that holds us in the lower vibration pattern.

    Fortunately, we can now get a great deal of help in making the transition to a higher vibration. Beings from higher dimensional realms are more present to assist us. We simply need to ask for their help. We can also become aware of the flooding of divine light and love that is currently arriving from the cosmos.  Releasing old patterns and negative emotions will get easier, if we have a clear intention of letting them go.

     Egyptian Numerology is a fabulous tool that can enable us to get a glimpse of what our life course will take once we are aligned with the fifth dimension. It is the number frequencies that hold the potential and inherent abilities hidden in our birth chart and the arithmancy of our birth certificate name. The information regarding numerology has changed over the past decade and now gives us access to higher frequencies not available to us before this time. It is imperative that we emerge with this new intelligence and wisdom for we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It reminds us to reach for the stars and not settle for the dust and when there are no leaders to follow, you must become one.

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