Empathic Abilities

“Get off the cross,
we need the wood”


    This is what my Mentor told me in regards to my empath abilities. She said that the world needs to “wake-up” and learn how to turn their abilities into qualities in order to help elevate the awareness of mankind. 

      Too many of us with empathic abilities are giving into the negative side effects such as; anxiety, hopelessness, isolation and depression because we feel the emotional and physical pain of others so strongly, we tend to allow this gift to overwhelm us and control our lives. “Enough is Enough” and stop allowing the energy of others take you hostage! Get off the Cross because the world needs the wood! There is no greater time then “NOW” to use your gifts to help the world heal and transform into the light beings that we truly are!

          Empathy is a gift and many of us are becoming more sensitive & intuitive everyday. It’s time to roll back the tides and take our power back by learning how to entrust our endowment to the knowledge and Higher Authority of Spiritual maturity. 

     What does this mean?

     Learn about your gift and where it’s strength lies and practice using it for positive measures. Clear your own energy field daily and learn to flush light through your Crown Chakra and out your Heart Chakra in a continuous flow. When you do THIS, you are not bringing  outside energy into your own field. You are actually clearing your own energy field and the field of others where ever you go. This will free you up to develop the quality of your ability and keep you safe from any negativity. 

     Take responsibility for “Everything” in your life. Everything on the outside is a reflection of what is going on in the inside of us. Don’t blame others for your anxiety, hopelessness, physical symptoms or depression. “Own It” by realizing that you attracted it in order to clear it and you have the power to clear it! If you are attracting negative people, places and situations into your life, ask yourself, “why” and what can “I” do to change it? Don’t forget to Thank your Gift for showing you where you need to grow. 

    I have a PDF list of Empath Abilities and some guidelines on how to strengthen them. If you are interested, email me at opentothe5th@gmail.com and put the word Empath in the Subject line and I will send it to you.

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