Master Numbers 11/2 through 99/9
“Path of the Wounded 

One of the biggest conceits in numerology is the subscription to the idea that being a master number is somehow better than being any one of the other numbers. It is also a myth to think that the master number is luckier, more powerful, or has an easier time of life than other numbers.

If anything, the path of a master number is more karmic than others because they often have to transcend more difficulties than other numbers in order to excel in the first place. As many of them are original thinkers, they end up working alone or find themselves in a position to defend ideas against a hostile majority. They deal with obstacles that would daunt the stoutest of hearts, including physical disabilities, mental afflictions, and very mean childhoods. The truth is that you chose a master number and all the karmic hardships in this lifetime so you could overcome these difficulties and help heal the world in these specific areas. While you are still working the lower aspect of the master number and experiencing the healing process, you may not be completely aware of this, but somewhere deep down inside of you is an awareness that you are here to help serve humanity on a deep and profound level. All of this will begin to become clear when the higher part of the master number grows and fully matures.

In a master number, the lower number will be the dominating number in the first part of your life and can continue to be the dominating number if you choose not to utilize the higher number after maturity. The problem with not moving forward into a master number vibration is often a lingering feeling of being stuck. Physical ailments caused by the resistance to move forward can result in depression if ignored for a long period. The higher part of a master number will be activated during the second part of your life (forty years or older). You may feel the undercurrents of this number starting at a young age, but the actual power and abilities gifted to the master number won’t mature until you do. I am not talking just about physical maturation but also the growth processes necessary to activate the higher frequencies; these must coincide with emotional and spiritual involvement as well. Until then, you will be working the lower part of the master number for a good reason: it serves as a precursor to the lessons and challenges you will need to learn and overcome as necessary tools for the progress of evolving into the higher frequencies.

Almost all master numbers 11/2’s and 22/4’s experienced exceptionally painful, turbulent childhoods and have to use these experiences to make a world a better place because of it and not in spite of it. All master numbers are endowed with many powers from within, significant strengths, and many more challenges not available to single-digit numbers. They normally realize early in life that they have the capacity to accomplish a great deal with relatively little effort. They contain superpowers hidden within the frequencies of their birth charts, specifically their soul life path numbers. They are here to obtain personal power and spiritual evolution but most of all to be healers for the wounded because they have survived the wrath of the wounded healer.

Written By Sara Bachmeier/

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