Becoming a Conscious Creator 2020 Workshop will be held on Saturday September 14th at Unity of Sedona in Arizona from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. In the Sacred Chapel.

The Workshop is on Saturday September 14th during the Full Moon before our Autumn Equinox which will occur on September 22nd. It is my Intention to use the power of the Full Moon and the changing of the seasons to amplify our goals toward manifestation for the ever-omnipotent Universal Master Number 22 year that is approaching this January.

Autumn is the Season where we Harvest the goods that we manifested from the previous year. It is a time of gratitude, reflection, acceptance and introspection.

In Autumn, the momentum of the year slows down and we enter a void or darkness. In this sacred place of “nothingness”, is where we plant the seeds of our intentions for the following year. Many people believe that we set our intentions in January as in “New Year’s Resolution”, but it is in January when the momentum of our Winter Season starts to manifest our Desires and Intentions of that which we planted in the Autumn Season.

 We want to set our Intentions before the Autumn Equinox and allow Mother nature to take its eventful course in developing the magic formula that brings about the fruition of our Dreams and Visions.

The year 2020 is under the influence of Master Number 22. In Egyptian Numerology this powerful force is called the “Great Manifestor” and contains the potency of thunder and lightning when activated with our intentions and desires. 

 Sounds rather Mysterious…. Doesn’t it?

Egyptian Numerology understands that numbers have a special vibration essence that can reveal the hidden meanings underlying our experiences. Through the application of numbers that come into our lives daily, we can develop a new perception of the spiritual messages that we receive which deepens our Soul Life Purpose and helps us achieve our greatest goals.

Over the millennia, it has been found that the numbers that appear in our experience hold meanings that can be instructive and illuminating in a variety of ways and Egyptian Numerology is the Alchemy from Ancient Wisdom through the Frequencies of Numbers and the position of the planets used to transform your life toward prosperity, love and overall well-being. Working with the magical frequencies of Numbers transmutes lead into gold as challenges melt into pivotal opportunities.

There are Universal Laws governing each Number and accessing these doors opens a new frontier full of possibilities and unlimited dreams.

Alchemy is where Science meets Spirit and they join for the pure Fun of Creating.

The vibration of Master Number 22 is extremely powerful on both the spiritual and material planes. When you are in alignment with this vibration, you are literally the Great Manifestor and ANYTHING is possible for you.

Master Number 22 is an expansion of the creative possibilities and immense inspiration from the Ascended Spiritual Masters. When we tap into this magnificent frequency expression, we are in possession of incredible auspicious powers and our efforts are being supported by the Universe, the Angels or Source.

Master Number 22 is 11 increased by a factor of two, which suggests that it is even more powerful and dynamic.  It is backed by doubling the strength of Intuition, Illumination, and self-awareness and when all of these are combined, Manifestation occurs through the activation our passions and desires.

In this workshop, when we will align with the energy of the Master number 22 and apply it to our own Personal Year Number, we get our Unique Conscious Creator Number which is only found in Egyptian Numerology.

 It works with your Personal Year Number and the Universal Year Number which is a Key to Manifesting your Goals for 2020.

It is a Very High Frequency that literally Unlocks your Abundance Code which Spirit recognizes and is waiting for you to ACCESS NOW!!!

The Personal Year Number and Universal Year Number are Powerful Forces that are always actively productive and involved in your daily life. The secret to making them perform in your favor is to tune into their frequencies, set your intentions and take the necessary action to Align yourself with your Goals.

Don’t have goals yet? No Problem, the beginning meditation is designed to raise your Spiritual Awareness opening your portal to the Imagination and the Realm of All Possibilities. 

I calculate and review your Personal Year Number with and the Universal Year vibration.

The Grand Finale is when I reveal your “Conscious Creator” Number Frequency for this year.

We will use the Mystic Circuit Meditation to calibrate your Higher Chakras into Alignment with the Magical Force behind your Abundance Code!

Why does Spirit recognize this frequency? Because the calculation for the “Conscious Creator” Number has a High Frequency rating when using both your Personal and Universal Year Numbers. It is literally shooting out into the Stratosphere where the Angelic Realms exit… In the 5th Dimension.

The definitions for the “Conscious Creator” Frequencies are only found in Egyptian Numerology and it is the Activation Code to your prosperity, abundance and manifestation for 2020!

 Your Guides and Angels are always cheering you on and leading you toward your Spiritual Evolution. Now they are putting the Key in your hands and asking you to Access their Assistance NOW!!!

Come Join Us on Saturday September 14th!

Get a Discount a Pre-Register online at Hope to see you soon!


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