(1st Initiation)

I haven’t always been an honest person. Virtues stand under the premise of progress not perfection.

In this report, I am going to attempt to explain why Honesty is a virtue necessary to pass through the gates of Spiritual evolution.

When I was young, I describe myself as a somewhat pathological liar. I use to call it “creative thinking” because I used my dishonesty to manipulate people into believing that I was somewhat of a better version of myself.

Looking back, I suffered from an acute soul sickness fueled by fear and low self esteem. I didn’t yet understand the ramifications of living a life of purpose and integrity.

It wasn’t until I started to awaken on a spiritual journey that I challenged my lack of self respect and personal integrity. Before then, all I knew about honesty was how to spell it.

The first thing I learned is that- Honesty without love is brutality.

Welcoming the Virtue of Honesty in One’s life is the practice of a deep Soul Cleansing and purification process.

This virtue is a gift from living in a state of self acceptance, love & integrity in its highest form. It means respecting yourself and making a commitment towards positive living.

Understanding that there isn’t anything that you think, say, feel or do that you have to be ashamed of enough to lie about it is an awareness that elevates the human consciousness.

It consists of forming a bond of unconditional love that you give to yourself free from judgement and limitations. When we choose to live a mindful life on a daily basis, the virtue of honesty can surface after forgiving oneself from past actions that were unskillful & having the courage to change old behaviors.

It can be challenging when you are asked to trust by saying “I don’t have all the answers but I’m open & willing to learn”. Or risking “loss” for the pure sake of being “True to yourself.” And even admitting that you may not always be “right” in the face of uncertainty.

When you are honest, you stop taking people hostage with your lies of delusion and allow them the freedom to form their own thoughts with correct information.

The code for the Virtue of Honesty is “ To thy own self be True.”

The benefits of Honesty are endless but the most obvious are ; lack of mental confusion, rise in self-esteem, throat & communication repair, cleansing of the Auric field and a shift towards greater awareness.

It is the pure state of mind & heart joined with the Throat Chakra.

Lies of omission can be worse than speaking an untruth. The harm falls within self deception as well as the illusions being placed upon another. It blocks your 3rd Chakra as well as your mind, heart, throat & Spiritual Growth.

In essence, when you choose and desire to live a life of “Integrity”. This virtue becomes a gate that we pass through in order to access the qualities we deserve and all of the benefits drawn from a full life.

Once you clear the obstacles keeping you from achieving it, life becomes lighter and makes room for joy.

Being honest with yourself is another road to freedom.

We don’t always tell ourselves the truth.

We can realize our self defeating tendencies by examining our “self talk”. We can discover ways in which we block ourselves from advancing towards our Soul life Path, Purpose & Destiny.

I challenge you to go 30 days without doing or saying the following statements.

  1. Saying your Sorry
  2. Using sentences that have the words “could have, would have  or should have”.
  3. Judging yourself and others. Put a rubber-band around your wrist and snap it every time you do one of the above actions. When I did this exercise, I was astonished at how much time I spent involved in these activities. It truly changed my life. Once I stopped these self defeating tendencies, I had the time to replace them with positive statements & actions that supported me.

Honesty is a virtue that needs to be mastered before entering the gates of the 5th Dimension.


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