Your Soul Urge Number is your exact date of Birth in Egyptian Numerology. It is often referred to as your Character Number and reveals Personality traits, Character behaviors and your Souls Passions. It works directly with your Soul Life Path Number by influencing particular challenges for you to overcome and it is associated to the enhancement of the direction in life you are meant to follow.

This Number shows you what your Soul is urging you to accomplish in this lifetime…. The best way to utilize your Soul Urge Number is by being able to determine your natural gifts and turn your strongest challenges into your greatest strengths.

Your Soul Urge Number is directly related to your Soul Life path Number and can be used to bring to the surface some of the highest opportunities toward happiness and abundance into your daily life.

SOUL URGE NUMBER ONE – CONDUIT; Intuition, Intelligence, Connection, and Strength

This Divine conduit between humans and spirit creates an intense ability to focus on details, especially those related to medicine, music, and mathematics. The One is a direct line symbolizing a pillar of strength, independence, and self-sustenance. Creativity is divinely inspired by a direct line from Source and can be manifested in the growing field of science and the arts.

You have a strong independent nature about you and are creative beholding a natural sense of intuition. You desire to be a leader rather than a follower and tend to be intelligent and focused.

Becoming a conduit points to your ability to connect with a Higher Source and channel your creativity and intellect toward any area of interest that involves the greater good for humankind.

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Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology

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