EGYPTIAN NUMEROLOGY Repeating Numbers 222

222- Means “Seek Balance” and is the number representing partnerships and relationships. When you see the repeating numbers 222, pay attention to the people showing up in your World. You might be bumping into a Soulmate, Soul Friend or someone who will play a significant role in your life.

It is also asking that you explore the balance in your current relationships especially in the roles of give & take. Are you giving too much, not enough or taking more than what is being offered? 

Listen and Trust your “Inner Voice” and be authentic in all your relationships. While we may fear rocking the boat by speaking up, authenticity is the cornerstone of any great relationship. Let people know what you stand for when you see 222. This could change everything, drawing like minded souls your way and clearing the decks of people who are on a totally different wavelength. 

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