Master Number 55/10

This is the amazing number of world leadership through the process of purification, transportation, and transformation. You are highly motivated through your impeccable intuition, sensitivity, strength, and power of expression.

The double impact of the five promotes healing and transformation powers. When added together, we get the number one and all the abilities associated with leadership, independence, intelligence, intuition, and intense focus. Standing directly to the right of the number one is the zero and the qualities of sensitivity, strength, expression, and access to the realm of all possibilities.

When your master number matures (around forty years or older), your powers of clarity will surface, along with the offer of leadership and transformation. Through your motivation, your path will be to assist the world in healing with your skills and abilities of transmutation.

The number fifty-five will resonate with the seeds of innovation, the freedom of exploring new paths, and the rebirth of liberty through unveiling new perspectives. This number has an extraordinary high element of curiosity and will learn through experience, forward-thinking, intelligence, and inspiring important changes.

The pure burning fires of their individual wills desire to blend with the higher will, wisdom, and truth of divine source to invoke the innovation and originality in others. They are outward-looking and forward-thinking, and both tendencies inspire the anticipation of new experiences and new learning that the world is waiting for.

Written By Sara Bachmeier /

In the end, let’s talk a little about the zodiac signs. There are Zodiac 12 signs and each of these signs has its own compatibility and personality. Knowing the characteristics of your sign, you can correct your weaknesses. Also, the Zodiac signs compatibility will help you to choose the right pair.



  1. Hi.
    Escuse me 55 number is it a scorpio zodiac or sagitarius?
    It’s my life path number.
    Thank you

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    1. Master Number 55 can belong to both. It is not limited by astrological signs. Thank you, Sara


  2. Hello Sara,
    Im really confused about determining my life path number from my birthday of 22.nov.1984. I have been told that i am a 1 but listening to some explanations, 55 is also possible. Any response?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Luke, from my calculations, you have a Life Path Master Number 55/10/1


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