This is an extremely powerful number when in alignment with Higher Source. You will have a dynamic personality that intuitively knows how to be at the right place at the right time when opportunity knocks. An electric and atomic type of energy surges through your body, heart, mind, and spirit when you are focused on a project. Your source of self-discipline, perseverance, and unusual high stamina can manifest an enterprise from imagination into reality out of thin air.

The number set of sixteen has the qualities of originality, intelligence, strength, empathy, healing, intuition, and creativity that serve as a momentum leading up to the addition of the number seven.

Eighty-eights are efficient at most things they do. You are frequently analytical and intuitive, looking inward for answers and direction. You consult your own inner knowings and are generally excellent with all business matters. You hold a deep desire to build something that lasts for a long time and that can serve the better good for all humankind. Your essence is especially adept at seeing things exactly as they are, without perception filters. You tend to approach things scientifically but not exclusively, looking inward for answers as your true North Star.

Seven is a very spiritual number and is the number of the genius. With the power of electrical current running through your veins, originality and creativity pumping from your heart chambers, and the channeling forces of higher wisdom, the master number 88/7 has the ability to manifest heaven on Earth with pure intention. You ride with the infinity portal that escorts you past all previous limitations and allows you to go beyond with universal blessings. Your divine Creator grants you with the generosity of the inheritance that you were promised when you practice the perfect balance of giving and receiving.

Being an example and keeping vigilance to humility and personal surrender of earthly limitations will guarantee your soul life path momentum forward and upward into the realm of opulence and bounty.



  1. Thank you for your interesting thoughts, Sara. These numbers are in fact very powerful that people who can’t handle the challenge will lose once in a lifetime opportunities- they must have strong spiritual being in order to handle whatever these numbers bring to their life. What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear more from you! 🙂

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    1. I absolutely agree with you. My job however is to give people a vision of what their frequencies hold and pray that when they are ready, they will tap into the magic and power that awaits them. Sara

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    2. Thank you for your feedback. I believe that only people that have the strength, experience in past lives and the ability to overcome adversity contract to be born under these amazing powerful frequencies. Our higher self and spirit guides would never allow us to take on these karmic adventurous lives unless we had the ability to work them. We set up timelines, including people, events and circumstances to wake us up and help us to achieve what we came here to do….. some of us choose not to follow these signs unfortunately but those that do, are able to move and transform the world to a higher status. I love that!!!! Sara

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  2. Does a 34/7 life path have the same energy signature? Thank you for this information 💫!

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    1. It has a similar energy signature but not the same. I just started on the single digit Life Path Numbers. Tomorrow, I am on Life Path #3. It will be a few weeks before I get to Life Path #7. Thank you for your inquiry. Sara

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    2. Life Path number 7 is different than Master Number 88/7 but for the first 40 years of life, the energy signature is the same. I hope this makes sense. Thanks Sara

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